You most likely already believe in making a difference in people’s lives. All we ask is that now you share this belief with others, demonstrating to them the impact that small actions can have. Through social media, word of mouth and most importantly actions we all can do our part to spread the Movement.

People make a difference in our lives each and every day, we like to call these MAD Moments. These moments include any time that you feel someone has gone out of their way to make a difference to you, through showcasing these stories and actions, MAD Moments will provide a platform to educate the world about the good that can come from our individual actions. Through sharing with the world a story of how someone has made a difference to you , you too will be making a difference to someone else.

It is up to each and every one of us to make a difference in the lives around us, to truly change the world and  make an impact for people in our lives. There is no right thing or better thing but rather everything does Make A Difference.